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Card & PaymentsA complex industrial landscape

Who doesn't need to know exactly how profitable their Card & Payment products are: when launching new products, searching for a more effective target operating model, negociating supplier contracts or simply to gauge performance ? The complexity and volume of data often make it harder to carry out these analyses

  • Card & TransactionUnit cost evolution
  • Internal & ExternalBenchmark
  • Product profitabilityAnalysis
  • Card PortfolioAssessment
  • Target OperatingModel
  • Scheme & ProcessorNegociation

A data crunching solutionfor the cards & payments industry

To reduce the time involved in processing all these data and enable more relevant analyses, we have developed a software solution specifically for payments and for processing payment data.

This solution enables us to quickly compile all the available data on relevant aspects of the payments industry. In particular, our tool covers all the components of the industry's value chain, from issuing to acquiring.

Internal and external benchmarkthe real call to action

With FinFlags and its flash study products, you have all the KPI for your department in record time. The aim of a flash study is not only to shed light on the profitability drivers of your products, but also to compare the performance of one product against another, and against the industry champions.

The analysis provides you with all the levers you need to better manage your product portfolio, plus you will feel more comfortable in your discussion with suppliers and will achieve better outcomes.